• He has a more 'realistic' perspective on the Christian faith because of his story of growing up as a pastor's kid, falling away from the faith, then returning because of a careful search for the truth.
    — Wintery Knight | Blogger and Sofware Engineer
  • Matt is an incredibly gifted teacher, brilliant and dynamic communicator with a voracious appetite to read and learn and has a true love of people.
    — Adam Josefczyk | Co-Founder and Executive Director: Forge Leadership Network
  • Matt has a way of making the Gospel known to any one at any stage and has the ability to meet you where you are.
    — Megan Rawlings | Pastor Matt's Wife
  • He was one of the few pastors that I have met in my life that is actually enthusiastic and passionate about helping you find the truth to your questions without giving you a sales pitch for any agenda.
    — Josh Nicholson | Christ's Community Church Member

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