This may sound funny coming from someone like me.  After all, my undergraduate degree is from a state school and my law degree is from a private, extremely secular Ivy League university but I will never pay a dime to send my son to a secular, state funded college.  Why?

The statistics these days are overwhelming with one study finding that 70% of kids raised in church leave the faith during college.  Nearly all attend secular universities (although a disturbing number attend so-called Christian colleges and I would list the university where I attained my seminary degree as one of the “Christian in name only” camp).  What I have found as someone who attended these institutions (and even taught at a few) is that a young person of faith is constantly assaulted by a secular worldview.  It isn’t that Christianity is effectively debunked at these schools for few secular professors can stand up to trained apologist as evidenced by the fact that William Lane Craig has never lost a debate.  It is more of a culture that mindlessly rolls its eyes at the Christian faith at a time when most young people are on their own for the first time and trying to desperately to decide who they are in order to “own their adulthood.”  The culture is an incredibly powerful entity few have the wherewithal to buck.

William F. Buckley wrote in God and Man at Yale way back in 1951 that it was truly odd to see a school, which was founded to train congregational ministers and supported largely by corporate funding to be filled with agnostics, atheists and socialists! He argued that many of the alumni at Yale were funding the training of enemies.   It would be like West Point graduates writing checks to fund Al Qaeda camps in Pakistan!

Unfortunately, things have only grown worse at most universities since Buckley wrote his bestselling work.  My parents, who established the largest evangelical church in southern Ohio, paid for me to attend a state school where the most popular professor published a book he required students to buy and read that detailed the “Crimes of Jehovah.”  I later attended a law school where the overwhelming majority of grads went on to be corporate defense attorneys trained by radical socialists!  I used to joke when I joined my first law firm that all I learned at an Ivy League law school was “how to stick it to the man!”

Why pay for any of this? Why spend tens of thousands of dollars for our children to gain a job but lose their soul? Besides, if they are well-trained and hard-working, they will financially succeed regardless of where you send them.

I strongly recommend sending young people to schools like Ohio Christian University, where my friend Monty Lobb (the former head of the state family policy council and Assistant Secretary of State for Ken Blackwell) is preparing to train an army of young activists) or Liberty University or, at the very least,Hillsdale College, while officially secular, still believes in truth!  These schools will cost more but what is your child’s soul worth?