Well, why you all were trying to ignore all the Obama scandals, I was compiling the Best of the Interweb:

Are you ready for the return of Arrested Development?

I dig the new Man of Steel Trailer.

J. Warner Wallace on whether Mormons are Christians? 

and another post from Det. Wallace, this time at Stand to Reason, about the existence and nature of angelic beings.

Finally, if you are interested in Buckeye politics, be sure to check out Ohio Conservative Review, where I’ll be blogging occasionally.

Oh, and here is my favorite quote of the week: “Capitalism works for those who work, socialism works for those who don’t” Daniel J. Flynn.

Everyone have a great Memorial Day weekend and thank you to everyone who served in the military–you are all heroes.

Be sure to check back next week for more on Reading through the Constitution, part three of How You Know You Are a Christian and much more.

Until then, grace and peace.