The Three Things You Should Have Read This Week (07/27/18)


While the news media was once again losing it over the ongoing drama in D.C. that makes "House of Cards" look like an ABC After School Special, I was compiling The Three Things You Should Have Read This Week:

1. Natasha Crain at Cross Examined posts on "The Number One Sign Your Kids are Just Borrowing Your Faith (and Not Developing Their Own)

2. Det. J. Warner Wallace on "The Good News for Christians from an Otherwise Bleak Pew Study"

3. Finally, Melissa Cain Travis (who has a new book out that I look forward to checking out) on "A Biblical Perspective on the Body and the Apologetic of Body Care (As a part time personal fitness trainer, I said "Amen" several times while reading.)

Also be sure to check out The Poached Egg at for regular articles on apologetics that you need to read!  That's it for now.  Check back daily for more and have a great weekend, folks.  God bless, Pastor Matt.