Norman Borlaug was truly an American hero who won a Nobel Price in 1970.  Who was Norman Borlaug?

Dr. Borlaug was an American agronomist who was able to produce seeds that yield more food on the same acreage and are better at withstanding harsh weather.  He traveled to Mexico and India to test his seeds, which worked beyond anyone’s imagination.  Hunger in the world decreased exponentially thanks to Dr. Borlaug’s work. He was even given the name “the man who saved a billion people.”

But last weekend, on Memorial Day,  of all times, thousands gathered to protest the corporation Monsanto for producing the seeds Dr. Borlaug created.  Why?

Various leftist groups have claimed Monsanto’s “genetically altered foods” are dangerous.  They cite a study, which claims to show an increased risk of cancer in rats who were fed food produced by Monsanto seeds.  They want genetically altered seeds and food (or GMO’s) to be banned. As such, they want the government to make sure only “safe food” is available for purchase.

The only problem with banning GMO’s is that doing so could starve up to a third of the developing world who rely almost exclusively on companies like Monsanto.  Also, the study they claim demonstrates a cancer risk has serious problems (see here).

Monsanto is actually doing the world, especially the world’s poor, a great service.    This is why I was alarmed to see so many activists protest a product that is keeping millions of people alive, so they can push for organic only food, which only a small percentage of the world can even afford even there was enough land to produce it, so they can feel “safe about their food.”   I guess “eat organic” is the 21st century version of “let them eat cake.” Personally, I thank God for companies like Monsanto.

BTW, A few years ago, Penn & Teller did an episode of their show B.S. on food including fad diets and GMOs entitled “Eat This!” and it is well worth your time and you can check it out here (although be warned,  the language is pretty rough).